About HMNS

HMNS (pronounced as “humans”) is a perfumery brand founded in 2019 on the day we found a perfumer who has been making perfume for two decades.

We had one big question that time
“Can we make a perfume that is affordable but also bringing the grandiose quality designer & niche perfume is all about?”

Then we found the answer. We have to start it online. To cut all the unimportant cost.

in June 2019, HMNS was born.

Since then, HMNS constantly making a perfume wholeheartedly with a tagline “made for humans”
we understand your taste and bringing you a highly curated fragrance that you will sure love.

We put all our energy and passion into this brand,
because we believe one thing

HMNS is here because of you.

Because you trusted us to grow and to learn to make mistakes

Join our journey in the making of the most lovable perfume brand,
start wear HMNS now.